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Are you are ready to move beyond the one-sided balance sheet to help your clients manage cash and liabilities?

If so, you're about to see your business grow exponentially.  Advisors managing assets and liabilities end up with 4X the assets of those who don't*.  We'll teach you how to incorporate a "liability management mindset", with a new skill set "the borrow smart approach" to attract new clients, retain existing clients, and go deeper with existing relationships.  You'll increase the cash and cash flow of your clients.

We target 4 key areas to help you get Results:

We offer an integrated Strategy, compelling Content, in-depth Training, and the ultimate Tools to "make a good loan officer great, and a great loan officer unbeatable". If you are a lender, below are a few recommended ways to profit from our experience now!


Step 1) the Borrow Smart Analysis™ Software. The 'heart' of our program - we bring our strategy, content, and training into a single tool. The software is easy to use, very intuitive, and we guarantee it's the fastest, easiest, most accurate way for you to communicate the value of your advice. Show clients how managing cash and liabilities can build wealth. Also...

Step 2) Read the book. The software is based on much of the Strategy and Content you'll find in the the Borrow Smart Retire Rich™ book. Reading the book will help you better understand what's going on beneath the surface as our patented 7-Step Borrow Smart™ process which is directly reflected throughout the Borrow Smart Analysis software. Want a more in depth training...

Step 3) Get Certified - Become a CLA™. Attend Borrow Smart University™ to become a Certified Liability Advisor™. We'll teach you the book and the software from the inside out, you'll learn how to master the Borrow Smart Analysis software™ in a way that will transform your business. Over 30 hours of video based interactive education, and training, CE credits, and national recognition.  Upon graduation, we'll add you as a facilitator at our non-profit - the National Institute of Financial Education and provide you access to our 30 plus courses, consumer leads, and more...


Are you part of a broker dealer, financial institution, bank, RIA?  We work with a number of the nations top financial advisory institutions.  Email for additional compliance support, questions, or learn more about who we support.
*internal studies at Merrill Lynch and Ameriprise