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Borrow Smart University:
The premier training program for lenders and financial advisors
seeking to increase their knowledge, experience, and credibility.

A one-time $997 enrollment fee provides you an exciting 90-Day learning experience guaranteed to improve the way you do business.


The Stock Market is gyrating up and down. Competitive pressure in all sectors of the financial services industry is increasing while margins are being squeezed. How can you differentiate yourself and build on a proven platform that will distinguish your services based on the value you provide rather than price? How can you apply proven processes that help your clients see the light about building wealth during their lifetimes with the money that passes through their house?

Borrow Smart University™ graduates obtain the coveted “Certified Liability Advisor”™ designation after 45 hours of fulfilling and personally rewarding cash and liability management education. Topics covered in depth include: The Borrow Smart Repay Smart® Conversation, our patented 3-Step system, learning to quickly analyze client’ liabilities and developing wealth building strategies, tax ramifications of buying, selling and refinancing residential real estate for primary, secondary and investment,  Reverse Mortgages, and much more.  As a CLA™ graduate you are equipped to serve your clients, quickly convert new  prospects and qualify to receive referrals from our direct consumer awareness programs.  One enormous benefit of earning your CLA™ - you'll automatically get to join our staff of Facilitators at the National Institute of Financial Education -  Consumers can find and connect with you for their asset and liability needs.

Certified Liability Advisors™ are armed with KendallTodd’s proven strategies, content, training and tools to thrive in the current market environment and beyond.  When you move from selling products, to providing solutions, as a Cash and Liability manager you open the doors to participation in one of the highest potential growth industries in the US today: Financial Education. Borrow Smart University™ provides all you need to put maximum leverage in your time, experience and your team to reach more clients than you ever thought possible.

Our program is guaranteed, if you complete the first course, and you are not blown away by what you are learning, what you are receiving, and who you are becoming because of this course, simply email us and we'll refund your course tuition.

CFPs receive 12 hours of CE credit for attending. *CPAs, Realtors, Loan Officers and Insurance Professionals may also be eligible to receive 4 to 8 hours credit.

Our fee for live classes is $1,997 per student.  We now offer a custom performance for up to 30 students at a place of your choosing for a flat fee of $10,000.  This is a great way for a corporation to certify their top loan officers over an intense two-day learning experience at a cost per designation.  Our turn-key custom performance events include all content and certifications, materials, software, books, and some special live event case studies.