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Certified Liability Advisor

A unique designation that communicates your experience
and commitment to help clients manage their liabilities.

Certification communicates your commitment to a life of learning. 
It speaks of your willingness to invest in your experience.


The CLA is an industry designation created by KendallTodd, Inc., the industry leading provider of strategy, content, training and tools for Mortgage and Financial Advisory professionals seeking to maximize clients’ wealth creation through the management of their cash and liabilities. Liability management is about managing the client's cash to first minimize the cost of liabilities and second use available cash flow for their lifestyle today and tomorrow.  Housing and borrowing related costs are the majority of American's expenses.  The designation acknowledges those professionals who have completed the required study of a Certified Liability Advisor™ training.



How Is this Approached?

The CLA curriculum focuses on a series of essential skills that involve the understanding of how key financial planning concepts traditionally utilized in the financial planning industry for the development of new assets(SAFETY, LIQUIDITY, RETURN, OPPORTUNITY COST, TAXES, LEVERAGE AND DIVERSIFICATION) can be applied specifically to residential real estate and the management of cash and liabilities.



What is required to earn the CLA?

The CLA™ is administered through an approved Instructor via web based or live classroom event that span on average 90-Days.  A workbook with over 200 pages of reference materials are provided at the beginning of the program, and weekly coaching and case study sessions provide another 30 hours of classroom study.  New materials are provided as needed along the way to provide a complete reference manual, with the ability to return and review as needed to meet the combined hours and elective requirements of the CLA™ designation. 

The CLA™ provides an optional 8 hours of annual education in the form of live instructor events, online continued education, or credits applied to instructors approved to teach specific classes for consumers.  These additional hours annually are encouraged but not required.

The prestigious National Association of Mortgage Professional in Washington, DC has recognized the Certified Liability Advisor™ designation and approved it for members.  With 50 state affiliates, and more than 25,000 members, NAMP promotes the industry through programs and services such as education, professional certification and government affairs representation. NAMP members subscribe to a code of ethics and best lending practices that foster integrity, professionalism and confidentiality when working with consumers. CLA™ designation recognition is also pending with the Certified Financial Planner Board, and the National Association of Realtors.  NASBA and FPA recognize the continuing education credits associated with the training and additional registrations with various groups are pending.


Why work with a Certified Liability Advisor on your home finance?

CLA™s take a holistic approach to advising clients on cash and liability management decisions whether they are buying a new home, refinancing an existing home, or simply working on a plan to repay debt. CLA™s approach both sides of the client’s balance sheet and unwaveringly place the client’s interests first.  This allows a CLA™ to provide clients the most efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining a mortgage that fits the consumer's financial goals and circumstances, or paying off existing debt they've already incurred. 


How may the CLA be used?

The CLA™ designation may be used by a student completing the hours required for such designation by using the initials CLA™.  A graduate may also use Certified Liability Advisor™ in their marketing materials, with the logos on business cards and other materials.  Graduates may reference the associated websites, be listed on our sites as a CLA™, may issue approved press releases about their accomplishments and use other PR materials provided by KendallTodd, Inc. or such materials that they create and have approved by KendallTodd, Inc.

How CLAs feel about the training they receive?

"As mortgage planning becomes mainstream, BSU is a critical learning and development program. The content is valuable to any mortgage professional interested in truly changing the lives of the clients we serve. The investment of time accelerates your learning curve tremendously in both knowledge and perhaps more importantly, the application and implementation of that knowledge."

"I can tell anyone seeking a higher level skill set, that this training exceeded ALL my expectations. There is no better training on the market today. I've invested 3 to 5 times the amount on other programs and gotten much less than what I walked away with after attending Borrow Smart University."


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