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What are you really worth?

It’s a simple question, but how do you answer it?  Isn't the most important investment you make the one you make in yourself?

When you consider your 'to do' list, why not make a 'to be' list?  Who you are tomorrow begins with what you learn today.  If not now, when?


Borrow Smart University™ is about mastering the 1-on-1 conversation with a client or referral partner.  A conversation about what?  Ralph Waldo Emerson said there were only four conversations worth having in life - TIME - MONEY - FAMILY - PURPOSE.  Our initial conversation is about MONEY, from the perspective of the way your clients borrow over their life time and how that borrowing impacts their wealth.  You could say that in many ways a conversation about MONEY can't help but impact your TIME - FAMILY - PURPOSE

We believe that how you borrow may well have a greater single impact on wealth creation, than any other money activity.  If you can't manage cash and liabilities, the rest of the game is over.

Our overall approach is designed to create the ultimate synergy between client's short term needs for cash and cash flow, and their longer term needs to save and create wealth.  We do this by looking at the three sides of the balance sheet.  It is a time tested approach.  Between 1993 and 1999 we used our system to deliver over $2B in closed mortgage loans, support over 600 financial advisors, and grow to over 120 full time loan officers that developed greater wealth and peace of mind for their clients.  It was so successful, it became a public company with several other like-minded groups in 1999 (NASDAQ:  You'll learn how we did it, and how you can build your own network of financial advisors referring you clients daily.

It is hard to explain all that you'll receive; you could talk to any of our graduates - start by visiting Borrow Smart University you can enroll there.

What to Expect?

It is a fast paced 90-Day Burn curriculum designed for learning efficiency.  Many of us think of learning as memorizing, but in our approach we'll teach you first to learn how to learn.  As you engage, you'll receive perspectives from all three sides of the balance sheet, and you'll yourself be part of the curriculum. 

Each student receives a copy of Borrow Smart Retire Rich, a license to our Borrow Smart Conversation as well as the original PPT you can customize, over 300 pages of materials for your BSU Notebook, an appointment on our non-profit site as a Facilitator (upon graduation), and much more.