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Borrow Smart Analysis – FAQ

Q - Where do I Register the BSA software?

Click here to go to the download page to download the software.

Q - I Registered the software , now what?

You will receive an email from the following (please add this to your allowed send/receive list in your email spam filter). You'll also begin receiving a series of drip emails that will help you get started and learn best practices.

If you have any problems, please contact us at

Q. I have a laptop and home computer that I want to set up the BSA on both. How do I do that?

You can use the software on any computer, phone, ipad, or device with web access.  Multiple users can utilize the software at the same time... so you can be working with a client while an assistance is entering in a new plan on another computer and a process or account exec is viewing another client, etc.

Q - Will there be a web version?  Can I use with my IPad or MAC computer?

The software is web only as of March, 2011.  The desktop version and all prior users are no longer support, go to the site mentioned above to register the web version, all original plans under your prior email will be migrated automatically to your new web software.

Q. How do I know I have the lastest version?

A. The software updates every time you run it, you should always have the most recent version.

Q -How is client data used or protected? Is it in writing somewhere? Who has access to the data? Does Kendall Todd use it or sell it to anyone? What is your privacy policy?

A - Your data is as safe as your computer, as the client data is stored on your computer. Only you or those you share this data with can access it. We never sell or share data with any third parties. You can view all our Policies here.

Q - How many Lessons/Tip emails should I get or expect?

A - The initial training campaign is 21-Days. We are developing two additional series on Sales and Marketing using the Borrow Smart Analysis and you'll receive those automatically.

Q - I’m missing some lessons, where are they being sent?

A - Check your spam folder. Lessons are generated via [] On Behalf Of Todd K Ballenger. Make sure you allow that address to be delivered to your inbox. Additionally, all lessons on the Support tab inside your software.

Q - I’m not seeing the “Savings” in page 15 or 16 of the report, is there a reason for this?

A - The slider was slid to Repay, not Save… when you slide to save your data will be included in the report. It is WYSIWYG, if you have that collapsed and not open then that analysis will not go to the report…

Q - If I add someone to my network, will they receive the training?

A - Yes, they will also receive the training drips when they register.  We'll help to get them up and going, and you can follow up and talk about how you plan to support them directly.

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