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Are you are ready to transform the way your lenders, advisors, credit specialists, wealth management bankers, and account execs manage the cash and liabilities of their clients?

For over 20 years, we've powered the nation's top financial institutions to train, motivate, and build teams to better manage client's cash and liabilities.  Our time tested tools build deeper client relationships.

We offer an integrated Strategy, compelling Content, in-depth Training, and the ultimate Tools to get you Results.

It's impossible to explain here all that we can do for an institution seeking to better manage cash and liabilities.  Most of our development for institutions is a mix of 80% our time tested strategy, content, training and tools, and 20% your unique vision, culture, and long term goals. We've worked with Merrill Lynch, American Express, Charles Schwab, Allstate, Everbank, LenderLive, Ameriprise, PHH Mortgage, Banco Popular, BB&T, Barclay's, and many others who have profited from our experience.

This depth of vision makes for a quick to market, proven, economically viable solution, with a predictable ROI.  Each engagement and final work product is 100% unique to your institution at the time it rolls out - a product you can either own outright, or lease over time.


        Recent Examples Include:

  • Assisted Ameriprise in the Establishment of a new Lending Product:  HOA
  • Developed Multi-Tier Advisor Support Model around Borrow Smart Analysis
  • Created Bank Day Event Format used by Multiple Institutions for Advisor CE Education
  • Developed Mobile Strategy for B2B and B2C Solution for Large Public Bank
  • Created web based Certification Strategy with Integrated Learning Management System
  • Designed a Content Management System Solution to solve Compliance with Content Distribution
  • More by request...

  • Assisted Ameriprise in the Creation of a New Education Platform:  Smart Debt
  • Provided Borrow Smart Content and Training to Merrill Lynch / BAC:  Proprietary
  • Provided Ameriprise Content for Education Series:  epb.pdf
  • Provided Ameriprse Conent for Education Series:  lifeevents
  • Regular speaker at national Events for Charles Schwab, Ameriprise, etc.:  Sample
  • Created Borrow Smart Conversation Tailored to Ameriprise Lending Solution
  • National Newsletter Articles Published to 3M consumers:  Web Content
  • Borrow Smart Retire Rich - full speaking, education, training solutions:  the book
  • Integrated Borrow Smart as part of Large Bank Initiative:  Handout
  • More by request...

  • Recent Advisor Training to Merrill Lynch / BAC:  Proprietary
  • Recent Advisor Training to Charles Schwab:  Proprietary
  • Recent Advisor Training to Ameriprise Financial:  Proprietary
  • Recent Field Representative Training to Merrill Lynch / BAC:  Proprietary
  • Web Based Radio Show using 45 minute format to 3,000 advisors monthly
  • Created the Certified Liability Advisor Training and Designation:  CLA
  • More by request...

  • Developed the Industry Standard Borrow Smart Analysis Presentation System
  • Developed a series of over 40 cash, lending, and credit based calculators: Samples
  • Developed an Integrated or Stand Alone Mobile Solution Strategy:  Overview
  • Developed integrated Desktop Sharing solution with for Individuals and Corporations
  • Developed compliant Real Estate Flyers and Finance Flyers:  Flyer Sample
  • Developed the first 'Artificial Intelligence' Engine to Power Real Time Consumer Advice
  • Developed Content Management and Website Solution for large scale branded websites
  • Extensive Video Based Education, Case Studies, Best Practices:  BorrowSmarTV
  • More by request...

Are We Right to Support Your Growth?

There's only one way to find out.  Give us a call and we'll schedule a free DNA Session™.  We'll review with you and your team a series of questions about your plans, share best practices from our experience, and help you determine a next step in your evolution.  If we aren't the right people for you, we'll let you know who is!  We're happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance of any conversation.