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Are you are ready to move beyond selling rates and good faith estimates to educate clients on how to better manage their liabilities?

If so, you're about to see your business grow exponentially. A typical lender closes about 20% of inbound leads, but with the right mindset "liability management", and the right skillset the "borrow smart system" you'll learn to close 70% or more of your inbound leads AND build a steady stream of new referral partners and clients.

We target 4 key areas to help you get Results:

We offer an integrated Strategy, compelling Content, in-depth Training, and the ultimate Tools to "make a good loan officer great, and a great loan officer unbeatable". If you are a lender, below are a few recommended ways to profit from our experience now!


Step 1) the Borrow Smart Analysis™ Software. The 'heart' of our analysis - we bring our strategy, content, and training into a single tool. The software is easy to use, very intuitive, and we guarantee it's the fastest, easiest, most accurate way for you to communicate the value of your advice. Increase your conversion rates by moving prospects from curious to closing. 

Step 2) Read the book. The software is based on much of the Strategy and Content you'll find in the the Borrow Smart Retire Rich™ book. Reading the book will help you better understand what's going on beneath the surface as our patented 7-Step Borrow Smart™ process which is directly reflected throughout the Borrow Smart Analysis software. Want a more in depth training...
Step 3) Become a CLA™. Attend Borrow Smart University™ to become a Certified Liability Advisor™. We'll teach you the book and the software from the inside out, you'll learn how to master the Borrow Smart Analysis software™ in a way that will transform your business. Upon graduation, we'll add you as a facilitator at our non-profit - the National Institute of Financial Education. Want to become a jedi cash and liability master...

Want to become a cash and liability master?

Step !*) Apply for Personal Coaching. Our Mentor program to be personally coached in a custom tailored one-year Practice Transition program. We'll work with you step-by-step to completely integrate our strategy, content, training and tools into your business. We've taken over 86 CEOs through this program.  We'll gladly provide you a list of recent graduates to contact. If you can't double your investment on a monthly basis we'll offer a full refund.  The Mentor Program includes all the above and much more in one monthly coaching fee.  It is offered once each year to 40 applicants.



Are you part of a bank, credit union, netbranch, a mortgage company with 20 or more active loan officers?  We offer a custom tailored solution that includes our software tailored to your company, books, unique marketing content, the CLA certification and ongoing training as a packaged program that can be delivered over a 3 month or 12 month time period to provide an 'extreme makeover' to your salesforce.  Email for a no-cost DNA Session to discuss your vision.