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Borrow Smart Coaching | Mentoring:

The premier coaching and mentoring program for lenders and financial advisors seeking to transition their business to better manage the cash and liabilities of their clients.

Your time is valuable, and you may want a coach to move you quickly through the learning curve to maximize your profitability.  This is not coaching for your CLA, that's a prerequisite.  This is a one year program that includes everything we offer to a limited group of 40 students each year.


We offer the Borrow Smart Software™ with 21-Days of video based training, and an amazing self-study program called Borrow Smart University™.  You have probably already learned something about those programs, but they are included, as part of your orientation into our annual Mentor program.

This program if for those individuals who know to get the maximum return on their investment, they want an experienced coach to whisper in their ear when they are getting off course, and say 'focus here first' to maximize the return on your efforts.