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Personal Coaching

We offer a Personal Coaching program designed to span 12 months, we call it Personal Coaching so you have a reference, but it's really not like anything you've ever been a part of...  It's developed around a unique curriculum we called Mentor™.  It begins with the content in Borrow Smart University™ to ground you in the basics of cash and liability management, but there are many upgrades, additional tools, a website, access to content, and other benefits of this process.  This first step will take about 2 months based on your experience and commitment to the process.  From there, over the next 12 months we'll guide you through an 8-Step business transition model that will transform your business from the inside out, neither you, nor your business, will be the same.  You'll meet with 30 to 40 other like minded business owners each Quarter for two exciting days of live training, and there will be weekly coaching throughout the Quarter to maximize the value of what you learn.  It's something that will ripple through your entire organization, family, and community.

There are minimum experience requirements for this program, minimum income requirements, and it is a full one-year commitment on the part of the student and the instructor.  You may request an application at, subject line:  Mentor Application, and we'll advise you on the next available class opening for the next available calendar year.

Those accepted in this Personal Coaching program receive our entire package of content, training and tools, most of which is designed specifically for this program.  We call it Mentor™ because you are being developed to be a Mentor™ to others.  You'll also receive a system to coach your own clients and learn to create multiple streams of revenue from coaching and referral partner development and much more we'll explain if you are accepted in the program.

After completion, all graduates are invited to continue in our Mentor Continuum  program.  Graduates meet weekly on the phone, and quarterly for two days of sharing best practices.  It's accountability to continue to refine what they began in their personal coaching process.  It's a smart commitment, so if you are really interested in taming those demons and changing your life, download an application.