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Listen to some of our recent graduates:

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Jack Morgan ( listen to comments )

"I thought I would take a moment to give you my take on the course. At first I wondered how much I would get out of the class since it was online. I found that I probably got more from it than I would have if I had been there in person. I don’t think there is any way I could have absorbed all this information in two days. I am thankful that I was able to listen to the recordings many times to completely understand the concepts. I was able to take my calculator and actually work out the numbers. I also was able to go back and make sure I understood the concepts, especially after a client conversation. I could play “What would Todd have said?” I got so much out of the coaching calls. I was able to actually “be present” during the calls, because I was comfortable with my surroundings.

I especially liked the information on taxes. I don’t think most of us realize how powerful that knowledge is until we start talking to a CPA and they are asking us questions. I just assumed (wrongly) that they knew this stuff.

So label me “A RAVING FAN!” If anyone wants to call me about whether they should take the class, feel free to give them my number."

Jack Morgan, CMPS
Branch Manager

"The BSU was a unique experience for me, as we had attendees from both sides of the balance sheet. Although the course work was intensive, there was time for each attendee to share thoughts and ideas that were working for them. We learned a lot from each other."

Jake Jacobson, CMP, CLA

"We have been trying to communicate these ideas to our clients for years. The simple, clear process we were taught for communicating these concepts to my prospects and clients will have a significant impact on our business. I'd recommend you attend with like minded business partners."

Trae Wieniewitz, CLU, CLA

"The training gave me a year's worth of knowledge in just two days. Their ideas and approach were so revolutionary to what I've seen already, I had a hard time staying in my seat. I just wanted to bust out the door and start using what I learned with my clients."

Doug Dickson, CLA

"I feel the system I learned gives me a tremendous advantage in working with my clients in a way that will make a positive difference in their lives."

Steve Ruckart, CLU, CLA

"After returning from your training I taught my first Realtor CE class and it was nothing short of fantastic! One of the Realtors asked: 'This is life changing information. Do you know any lenders that teach this to clients when they borrow money?' I got two loans right after the class that paid for the training and my upgrade to your instructor program, and have 5 meetings scheduled with Realtors who attended the class."

Scott Johnson, CMPS, CLA

"Your school opened a new world for me. The mortgage information was fantastic! I'm excited to see a program that challenges the industry to help people Borrow Smart and Retire Rich."

Doug Franklin, CFP, CLA

"I can tell anyone seeking a higher level skill set, that this training exceeded ALL my expectations. There is no better training on the market today. I've invested 3 to 5 times the amount on other programs and gotten much less than what I walked away with after attending Borrow Smart University."

Ron Luce, CLA

"These guys are way ahead of the marketing curve, they don't just teach you concepts and ideas, they show you how to the ideas to grow your business based on their 15 years of doing so."

John White, CLU, CLA